“THE PLANET IS SACRED AND WANTS PEACE!” – Everybody takes care of the sustainable common house


Gathered from October 26 to 29, 2017 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil at the “I INTERNATIONAL MEETING – THE PLANET IS SACRED AND WANTS PEACE!” With the theme Climate Changes in the perspective of Spirituality, with the purpose of cooperating with the 17 ODS – Sustainable Development Goals –  Agenda 2030 – UN  invite all religious, spiritual and indigenous traditions, inter-religious and intercultural movements of the world and all people of good will to the creation of a Global Spiritual Cooperation (GSC) for the building of a planetary citizenship committed to sustainability and a culture of peace.

The goals of Global Spiritual Cooperation (GSC) are:

1 – Commit to the implementation of the 17 SDO – Sustainable Development Objectives – UN Agenda 2030, as well as initiatives that support  and cares  Sacred Mother Earth as the Common House;

2 – Collaborate with the initiatives for the consolidation of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

3 – Carry out and joint actions to consolidate “The Planet Is Sacred and Wants Peace!” With interreligious, governmental and non-governmental movements aiming at reconciliation with nature as a way of facing climate changes, valuing cultural diversity, the wisdom of indigenous peoples and ensure their protection, promote freedom of belief, eradicate all forms of violence with an emphasis on those caused by religious motivation and foster peaceful and healthy coexistence.

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, October 29, 2017.

Be a part of Global Spiritual Cooperation (GSC) by joining the initial organizers:

House of United Religions

URI – United Religions Initiative


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